Competitive Race Driving Simulator Hire

Race driving that is even better than the real thing ?

Possibly the closest experience to actual race driving

and competition available .. 


We bring the race track to your drive,

we bring the pit lane to your door,

we supply the virtual driving hardware,

so you can stage a virtual driving championship..


Hire and rental options to suit;

Corporate Entertainment, Staff Incentive & Reward days.

Trade Shows and Exhibition Support.

Private Parties and Events.                    


This is a fabulous hosted event and works equally

well with a set number of participants,

or as an open event for larger numbers of drivers . 


These Multiplayer Linked Virtual Driving Simulators

provide an equal platform for all with top quality

components giving feedback second to none.


The only thing better will cost you thousands and

gt-gp unlike the real option wont break any bones

if you "get it wrong"


We are not as good as driving a 500 bhp monster

around brands hatch for real ,

but we are the next best thing , and this way you get to

prove your metal against those that matter..


"petrolhead heaven"

"what a final, that was real pressure out there"               

"mighty competitive "

"its just great to finish in front of him ! "