Team Bonding & Employee Reward Days


We can provide you with multiple virtual race driving simulators

that deliver, linked, competitive excitement and entertainment.

Company team bonding race driving challenges can bring your

teams together, both advising and supporting each others efforts .


Our driving pods will provide you a challenging, realistic racing

environment that will test your skill levels. With a multitude

of track choices a course can be obtained to suit all levels.


"delivering the race track to your drive", 

"bringing the pit lane to your door".

competitive, multiplayer, entertainment that is perfect for,

after dinner entertainment, christmas parties, and summer balls. 


Are you looking for an incentive to inspire your team, or an

event to reward the hard work of your staff ? Then we can 

bring to you competitive, multiplayer race driving entertainment,

which will in turn leave your team talking and debating for weeks.


If you need to bring your team together, 

then bring a gt-gp reward day to your team.


Call us now to book your drives,

freephone, 0800 612 9673